Cairns Airport Private Transfers

Cairns, in far north Queensland, has certainly seen a lot of action since COVID-19 first appeared in March 2020. After the skies fell silent when all planes were grounded, Cairns airport shuttle bus services also fell silent. With the slow opening up in late 2020 the planes returned to the skies and business did improve at Cairns Airport and for associated transfer services. Then in 2021 between March and June the airport was busier than ever. Transfer services like shuttles, limousines and private transfer services experienced a bounce in trade that exceeded the usual busy months of July and August.

Cairns Airport private transfers to Port Douglas have grown in popularity. Why? The thinking is that social distancing on private transfer services to Port Douglas are more popular because of the enhanced social distancing available in a dedicated shuttle. Density requirements are not applicable to most domestic planes and transfer services. Vaccination has been a cornerstone of getting Australia moving again. Drivers of Cairns shuttles and private transfers that are vaccinated provide an extra layer of safety. As it is a requirement for all arrivals into Cairns Airport to be double vaxxed after 17 December 2021, it is likely the astute traveller looking for a luxury and safe transfer service to Port Douglas will continue to use private transfers as a means of travelling up the world heritage Captain Cook highway to the beauty of Port Douglas.